About Us

Yuna Makina is a CNC machining and spare parts solution partner of 40 years’ experience and brand new corporate identity.

Yuna brings high quality and affordability through up-to-date management staff and experienced production personnel. In this context, Yuna Makina priorities professionalism while conducting business with our partners while providing secure and sustainable working environment for our employees.

Yuna Marine and Yuna Tool branches are two main brands within the Yuna Makina family focusing on non-machining production sectors. While Yuna Marine specialized on rigging equipment, Yuna Tools specialized on concrete tools. Both brands are to continue enriching production ranges through constant research and development activities.



In addition to specialized branches, Yuna Makina can provide tailor-made solutions to the specific requirements of the market thanks to its quick and efficient R&D capacity. Yuna Spray Systems and Yuna Nadir Baglanti emerged within this framework. Yuna Nadir Baglanti provides its customers with unique solutions to rare and difficult-to-find connection parts due to lack of standardized demand. While Yuna Spray System provides reliable and economic spraying solutions in a wide range of sectors varying from disinfection to cooling. 

Yuna Makina understood the value of sustainability and preservation of the environment while ensuring longevity of its products. In addition due to prioritizing customer satisfaction as our primary goal, we are and we will continue to stay behind of every product rolled out of our production line.  


Highlighting customer satisfaction through high performance, affordability and team spirit. Fusing experience and technology to reach high standards for employees and products.

Becoming one of the leaders of machining sector by growing via technology without compromising the quality. Continue to value humanitarian and environmentally friendly policies while doing so.

  1. Commitment for customer satisfaction through trustworthiness and sustainability.
  2. Achievement of high quality with affordable prices and profitability through high technology.
  3. Assuring personal and professional development of the employees.
  4. Expanding quality assurance to all stakeholders.
  5. Maintaining mutual respect and understanding with suppliers.
  6. Addressing possible issues through proactivity.
  7. Assuring timeliness, quality and budget friendliness
  8. Maintaining a socially responsible and environmentally friendly stance while expanding.
  • Yuna Makina is determined to apply ISO14001 standards for environmental management systems.
  • Our main purpose is to sustain all commercial and production activities of Yuna Makina as environmentally friendly.
  • We are committed to implement management systems to reduce our impact to environment in every step of our production, including sourcing of raw materials and recycling of waste materials.
  • We are committed to work continuously on projects for reducing consumption of water, energy sources, time, and raw materials to protect the environment.
  • We also aim to sustain our commitment to environment through all personnel and up-to-date information on the issue.
  • We pledge to continue our investments and activities without harming the environment and to follow all necessary standards in this context.

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