All production on CNC lathes and vertical machining centers are operated by experienced staff only. Thus, quality and timeliness defines the basis of our production philosophy. Thanks to highly qualified staff we are able to serve customers’ requirements from various sectors. As Yuna Makina, we recognize the concept of production not only as it is but also as an opportunity for research and development.

In addition to CNC machining, Yuna Makina can provide following services through outsourcing:

  • Pre-production casting, laser cutting, forging;
  • Surface polishing, painting and coating;
  • Heat treatments such as, tempering, hardening and normalization;
  • Cold forming treatments such as, pressing, spinning and rolling;
  • Welding, chemical bonding, riveting and assembling



  1. Yuna Marine
  2. Yuna Tools
  3. Yuna Nadir Baglanti
  4. Yuna Spray Systems
  1. Automotive
  2. Medical
  3. Agriculture
  4. White Goods and Home Appliances
  5. Food Processing Machines
  6. Electronics
  7. Furniture and Decoration
  8. Marine
  1. Product Development
  2. Technical Drawing and Scaling
  3. Quality Control and Reporting

Product Line

CNC Machining Department

  • 1 set of CNC lathe (Gang Type 16mm Collet Chuck)
  • 2 sets of CNC lathe (Gang Type 32mm Collet Chuck)
  • 1 set of CNC lathe (Gang Type 42mm Collet Chuck)
  • 2 sets of CNC lathe (Turret Type 8” Chuck)
  • 1 set of Vertical Machining Centre (1500x500 mm)


Semi-Products Department

  • 1 set of Automatic Saw

Finishing Department

  • 1 set of Desktop Drill Machine
  • 2 sets of Tapping Machine
  • 1 set of Bench Drill Machine
  • 1 set of Electric Arc Welding Machine
  • 1 set of Spot-Welding Machine
  • 1 set of Band Sanding / Grinding Machine

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