Yuna Makina can provide high precision measurement thanks to its experienced staff and technologic capability. Yuna Makina’s commitment to transparency is provided through ISO certified quality control for end-to-end process of our production. Profile projection, digital height gauges, hardness testing machine, form measuring device, thread gauges, calipers and micrometers are some of the tools used for quality assurance of Yuna.

Quality Policy of Yuna Makina

  1. Commitment for customer satisfaction through trustworthiness and sustainability.
  2. Achievement of high quality with affordable prices and profitability through high technology.
  3. Assuring personal and professional development of the employees.
  4. Expanding quality assurance to all stakeholders.
  5. Maintaining mutual respect and understanding with suppliers.
  6. Addressing possible issues through proactivity.
  7. Assuring timeliness, quality and budget friendliness
  8. Maintaining a socially responsible and environmentally friendly stance while expanding.

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